Songwriter Turned Pop Sensation: Find Out More About The Mystery Artist Taking Nashville By Storm

Nashville’s pop scene just got a little cooler. An artist who goes by the name, Le Rive, just bubbled up on the web and she’s got a lot of people buzzing. Why? Because she’s not your typical artist. We dug, and she hasn’t done any interviews yet and there’s not much about her online yet. So she’s kind of a mystery.

All we have is her five part video series, cleverly titled #UnderTheCovers, and her social media, filled with eye-catching images that reflect her unique style and sound. We were very impressed by the quality of these and the way Le Rive beautifies modern pop. She definitely adds her own special touch to all the songs she mashups, and we can’t wait to hear her original music! We’ll be keeping our eye out for all things Le Rive, but if anyone has any new information about Le Rive and her new music, please comment below.

Watch Her Latest Video Here:

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